Happy 2014!

Wishing you and your families a very happy 2014 from Play with Food!

This year is going to be filled with fun, tears, joy and sleepless nights!  Baby “Flash” is due in the next few weeks and although we don’t have classes scheduled for the first school term of 2014, I do have some exciting developments that I am working on for later in the year.  I am so grateful for the wonderful feedback I have received from parents who attended my classes in 2013.  I will share some of that with you in the new year and have also been very blessed with some constructive comments to help make Play with Food experiences even better.

For now, I have a few new years resolutions and I would invite you to take part in one of them with me.  As you will be aware, I love to try new healthy ingredients and turn them into kid friendly recipes.  I post recipes with mum’s lounge each month & share them on my facebook page – now I am going to be really tech savvy and blog about them here!

If you have been to classes you may have been confronted with some unusual fresh produce like Gai Lum, Brussel Sprouts, Kale, Quince, Persimmon, Fennel and all manner of other seasonal gems that I get my hands on.  As a further challenge to myself for 2014 I have chosen a seasonal vegetable or fruit in each month that I don’t usually use. In that month, I will endeavour to perfect a child friendly recipe for that ingredient.  Come along and join in the fun!  I have a pinterest board dedicated to gathering my ideas.  And when I have a final result, I will blog my recipe and share it for all of you to try out too.

This is the list of my monthly challenges:
January – Fresh Chives
February – Eggplant
March – Figs
Apricot – Cumquat
May – Celeriac
June – Artichoke
July – Kohlrabi
August – Brussel Sprouts
September – Swede
October – Pineapple
November – Cabbage
December – Cherries

Wishing you all the very best for a truly happy new year filled with gratitude and smiles!

Simone Emery



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