EAF principle 3…

A thought provoking piece by Johanna Cormack. This is one part of Emotionally Aware Feeding (EAF) and good reminder to think about parenting styles. Food encounters (both positive & negative) are very influential during your child’s eating journey, even away from meal times. Food encounters can be found everywhere!

Emotionally Aware Feeding

Background From Colorful Sweets Of Sugar Candies

Rewarding with food is standard parenting practice – for example, many parents use sweet treats to encourage their child to use the potty, or  to recognise good behaviour. This gives the child the following message: “I approve of you, and so you can have  sweet food” . To take it a step further, from the child’s point of view, it equates eating sweet food with feeling loved. EAF is all about separating food from feelings so that children eat for physiological rather than emotional reasons.

Rewarding with food  fuses food and feelings. 

Consider adult comfort eating

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