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Giveaway: Chinese New Year Inspired Vegie Game

As we move from the year of the Snake to the year of the Horse, I thought it would be a bit of fun to make my own board game to encourage vegie sensory play.

What you will need to prepare before starting the game:

1 carrot  or zucchini prepared as follows – use a vegetable peeler to make ribbons ie. “snakes” and a grater to make the rest of the vegetable into “hay” for the horse. (See note below about using containers / laminating the paper).

A counter for each player.

A die

Printable – you can laminate if you want or put individual bowls over the barrel & trough icons to stop them getting very wet from the vegetable juices.

You may want a learning bowl for your child also so that they can put their hay stack or snakes into it when they finish with them.  Use some of our positive encouragement steps from classes to guide your child gently from touching to smelling, kissing, licking or tasting the vegetable.  Remember not to push them past where they are comfortable. If children aren’t comfortable touching the vegetable, try using a cocktail fork & plate for them so that they can participate too. At this stage the important part is participation in the game and enjoying some sensory exploration (this is not to be viewed as a scheduled snack or meal time.)

chinese new year 1


Each player takes turn to roll the dice and move their counter to the circle that reflects the number that they rolled.  If they land on a horse or a snake they complete the sensory task explained on the board.  If they land on a free square there is no sensory task to complete.  Take turns until everyone has gotten to the finish line.

Link to the PDF of the game board:

Snakes And Horses Game