We were very fortunate to run some amazing classes during 2013 with some very brave fruit and vegetable adventurers.  This is what some of the carers had to say about their experiences:

“We got loads of great tips and tricks to try at home and have seen a definite improvement in our sons receptiveness to food. Our son really enjoyed the lessons too!” – Amy

“My 2.5 year old enjoyed the Play with Food classes. Simone was very engaging and provided lots of advice on all things food. The classes were small enough to be personal and catered to children of all ages.” – Alex

“While you were working through the food story and having the children touch, lick, kiss etc all the foods, I was thinking, “Yeah, like I have time to do all of this during the crazy times of trying to cook dinner.” But once I was home, I found it easy to have my daughter do all those things while I was preparing dinner.” – Mischa

OMG Paige just ate a huge amount of peas and macaroni for dinner and she tried the tomato as well. Nice work Sim … this wouldn’t have happened two weeks ago.” – Vanessa

“This is fantastic, I can NOT believe my son touched and even kissed broccoli during the first ‘colours of the rainbow’ session. He’d normally scream if anything green was on his plate. Awesome” – Stan

You can also see more of our independently sourced reviews through our Kidspot listing.Read_My_Reviews_Website

Play with Food run fun, interactive healthy eating programs for children.

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