Picky? Puhleez!

Yep, I post lots of healthy eating recipes and ideas. HOWEVER, this mummy has a very good message here. It is hard to think “healthy” all of the time when you know your child has sensory aversions to most foods. At Play with Food Classes, we try different approaches to see where the selected fruits and vegetables lie on the steps to eating hierarchy for your child. We want you to learn where your child is at and we want you to have a happy mealtime when you find that understanding.
This is a US Blog so some of the terminology is different to what we may use. If you have any questions, contact me (Simone@playwithfood.com.au or ph: 0402696928)
🙂 Simone

Sensory Speak

This will probably be my 2nd biggest blog post to date. It’s going to offend some, but hopefully educate others. This post is long overdue, but especially needed in the “picky eating” community. Tread with caution. This post will consist of my own words, but it’s the thoughts and overall experiences of my 7 year old daughter, B, and may other children like her who have challenges eating everyday foods. I will also be standing up for the “picky” eater parents who struggle with their own issues regarding this topic. Stepping into my big girl panties…

Picky eater. That word offends me beyond belief. I know it’s all over the internet. Many books, articles, and blogs have been written on the topic. Yet, picky eating doesn’t even begin to describe what my daughter and many other children like her deal with on a daily basis. It goes WAY beyond picky…

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